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Faith 'n' Sin
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3rd-May-2010 07:26 pm - Star Trek Meme
Snagged from stargater

1.) What is your favorite Star Trek series?
- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

2.) Which Star Trek character is your favorite?
- Tasha Yar

3.) During the last year, have you...

[ ] Read a Star Trek novel
[ ] Read a Star Trek comic book
[ ] Attended a Star Trek convention
[ ] Purchased a Star Trek toy or collectible
[ ] Received a Star Trek autograph from a Star Trek actor
[ ] Dressed in a Star Trek related costume
[X] Worn a Star Trek item of clothing, not a costume (a t-shirt or hat, for example)
[X] Watched a Star Trek movie
[X] Watched a Star Trek television episode
[ ] Watched a Star Trek fan-created film
[ ] Helped to create a Star Trek fan film
[ ] Read Star Trek fan created fiction
[ ] Wrote Star Trek fan fiction
[X] Read a Star Trek blog or forum
[ ] Contributed to a Star Trek blog or forum
[ ] Listened to a Star Trek related podcast

4.) Which Enterprise do you like the best?

[ ] Enterprise NX-01
[ ] USS Enterprise NCC-1701
[x] USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A
[ ] USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B
[ ] USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C
[ ] USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
[ ] USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E

5.) Who is your favorite Captain?
Tough choice as I love most of them but overall I'll have to go with Picard :x

6.) Who is the Best First Officer?
- Spock. Loyalty and obeying orders are a big thing with me. Not saying the others didn't but Spock seemed to be the one who could do things within the rules of Starfleet.

7.) Which Star Trek Female do you like Best?
- gah! Way too hard! It's a 7 way tie between Tasha, Beverly, Jadzia Dax, Kira, Janeway, Seven of Nine and Ro.

8.) Which Star Trek Male do you like Best?
- McCoy

9.) Which Star Trek Movie do you like the Best?
- Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

10.) If you could be anywhere in the Star Trek universe right now, where would you be?
- Risa, working on my tan ^.^

11.) If you could be any race in the Star Trek universe, what would you be?
- I can never decide between remaining human or being Bajoran or Trill :P

12.) If you could marry anyone from the Star Trek universe, who would it be? Why?
- That's tough between George Kirk (gorgeous, caring and heroic) to Karl Urban's McCoy (hot yet with the characteristics of the McCoy I love).

13.) Who is your favorite canon Star Trek pairing?
- tie between Kira/Odo & Picard/Crusher

14.) Now, who is your favorite non-canon Star Trek pairing?
- I really can't think right now. Memory refreshers would be appreciated lol

15.) If you could be apart of any Star Trek affiliation, what would it be?
- Starfleet

16.) If you were a member of Starfleet, what kind of officer would you be?
- Security for sure.

17.) Do you have a favorite Star Trek villain?
- I have two. 1: Romulans, I love the deception and clandestine operations. 2: the Borg who legitimately scared the crap out of me on TNG.

18.) If you had a replicator in your position, what would you have to eat right now?
- I'd order up a nice seafood platter and a glass of white wine :P Something from Sisko's father's restaurant menu perhaps ^.^

19.) Have you ever been to a Star Trek convention?
- Yes.

20.) Do you have a favorite Star Trek episode?
- Again, really hard but I'll have to go with TNG's Yesterday's Enterprise. Honorable mentions DS9's The Visitor and VOY Omega.
13th-Apr-2010 04:10 am - Meme
tagged by stargater

1. Ali
2. Al
3. Pop (Brian)
4. Daisy May (mum)
5. Pookie (Brian again)
6. Alison

1. T-shirt -'losing faith in humanity one by one' (I'm an up person ^.^)
2. Pajama bottoms
3. Socks

1. Contentment
2. A holiday
3. A maid

1. nothing_less
2. callingpiper
3. black_raven

1. Watched ST: Voy and Prison Break
2. Role Played
3. Turned on my electric blanket :P

1. Sasha
2. Dad
3. Brian

1. Roll over in bed and wish I didn't have to get up
2. Hoover (Vacuum)
3. Watch more Prison Break (it's better than I thought it'd be, ok?)

1. Tea
2. Lilt
3. Creamy Soda

1. Sasha
2. the kittens/cats
3. Kristy
Nikki-playful tongue
6th-Dec-2009 07:03 pm - Random
I'm really, really enjoying Climategate :D I hope it gains more and more steam until all those who honestly worried are relieved and assholes like Al Gore get theirs.

4th-Dec-2009 01:41 am - Cheese With My Whine
So, I'm home.

I'd been looking forward to coming home and lounging around in my cloud-like bed and playing my old Simmies 2, which I love, and just y'know...chilling being in my room. But, no, not to be. I arrived home to said room looking like a junkyard thanks to my beloved brother. He's doing some sort of clearance to make room for more display cases in his room *eyeroll* and saw fit to dump all his crap on my bed and litter my room with his framed pictures - all of which are now back in HIS room. This especially irked me b/c I made clear to him I was coming home and even ASKED him if he'd move his stuff (dad had mentioned he was using my room as a clearing ground) and he said he would >.< Anyway, I bit my tongue and mumbled to myself as I moved his stuff out. grrr.

I then got into a flash argument with my dad. I'm gifted that way, I can get into an argument with my dad in .2 of a second b/c even though I love him, we just don't get along well :( We don't gel and are constantly misunderstanding one another. So yay *party* Additionally, within the 4 hours of my being home my PC has crashed thrice. My computer also has some sort of amnesia so when I put in my Sims disk is asks for the original Sims 2 disk, which it doesn't need. I'm too frightened to reinstall in case I lose my custom Sims (and stuff) though, so I have to wait until Sasha comes home from work tomorrow so I can IM her and see if there's any way around this. (She is my Sim oracle :P) So, needless to say my homecoming hasn't gone at all as planned. All I need is locusts and some sort of plague, I believe, then it's truly epic.

I'm bored now b/c I can't read my feeds. My Google Reader causes the PC to crash YAYYYY >.< *wants a MAC* And, obviously, I can't Sim so...*crickets* Maybe I'll watch a movie - although that will prob. crash my PC too so...idk. It's too early for bed...I'm just bereft of something to do! All I can do that doesn't make my PC crash is whine on my LJ. Aren't you guys lucky? ;p

Wow. You know how my livejournal detect didn't work at S's? It thinks I'm in Glasgow, Scotland when I did it last time? Now, at home, it thinks I'm in Manchester, England. FAIL!!!! What an amazing investment THAT is LiveJournal. /bitchy

Anyway, to add to my joy I'm frozen so...I may as well free you from more whining and just...idk...stare at the wall from bed or something ;.;

yours in sarcastic joy,

12th-Sep-2009 06:53 pm - Is it cats?
Poor Coco was spayed yesterday and she was faaaar from happy about it :/

When Sasha brought her home she was still horribly groggy and drunk from the drugs. Poor little thing tried to walk but was wobbling everywhere and fell over a several times. Naturally, we tried to stop her walking around due to this. I picked her up and she slept on my lap for a while, and then she slept on Sasha's as well. Also, Peaches was Sheldonesque again - we assume it is because Coco smelled like the vet and Peaches despises the vet for obvious reasons. So both she and Misty were sniffing at Coco and were -.- Peaches even growled and tried to swipe at her while Misty, also less than impressed, swatted Coco in the head, hard; so hard she fell over! pfffft.

When Coco was more recovered from the operation, she started realizing she had stitches and was all DO NOT WANT! and was licking and biting at them a lot and running around crazed. I believe she thought she can outrun them It was sort of like GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! AAAIIIIIEEEEEE. Anywho, she was toying with the stitches so much that Sasha scored her one of those cone collar things this morning. We haven't needed to put it on yet, however, as overnight Coco seems to have settled and stopped trying to pull the stitches. She did manage to pull one though, I think - she bled a little on my pillow tyvm. twice -.- but yeah, she seems to be happier now and back to her usual self so the cone may not be needed after all.

btw, everyone at the vet adores Coco. They know her from when she was a teeny tiny kitten and they're all smitten with her. I know from when I took her about her eye they were all OMG SQUEE *pet/stroke/snuggle* lol. It's cute and, really, it's great to have all the vet ppl so mad about her. At least we know they always take great care of her :P (not to say they wouldn't usually but, hopefully, you know what I mean lol) In other cat news, Peaches appears to be quite apathetic to us lately, so Sasha told David (the vet) this when he asked after her and inquired about her tummy and the pills etc, then asked S to bring her in next week, so... Apparently he's not overly concerned about the apathy but he's pleased she can go 3 days without a pill so, yeah....he wants to give her a check up, which is good. I will be pleased b/c unlike him, her apathy concerns me. Misty is so much more energetic and playful and Peaches is just "meh" about everything.

In non-cat related news, we're through watching Buffy. We skipped seasons 6 & 7 because they're crap. I think Sasha would watch S6 again, actually, but she can't endure my whining :P Anywho, we're rewatching Angel now and have just completed S1 and are up to S2. We also have new Warehouse 13 to watch as well as Sons of Anarchy and I think a Dexter *is unsure about the latter* So yes, sqaure eyes for us.

The below photo makes me laugh every time I see it. It was taken in August I think.


Peaches: Ugh

I'll post more at a later date to show how fast Coco is growing and how close she is to Peaches in size now. But, I need to shower so I'm making this do for now :P
20th-Aug-2009 04:36 am - Avatar trailer

I can honestly never remember being THIS excited for a movie trailer. *squee*

And I'm not even seeing it in 3D or anything! lol My love and trust in James Cameron knows no bounds :P

/2nd random post
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19th-Aug-2009 03:58 am - *sick*
Why don't I have a 'sick' icon? x_x

Sore bones, muscles and generally blah as well as EPIC headaches and now, a sore throat. I am NOT a happy camper :(

Just thought y'all should know.

Also? If I do the 'detect' thing on lj, it puts me in Glasgow. Ummmm no. That is so irksome.

/random entry
Les Miserables - unknown
...which is ironic b/c not a lot happened lol! I won't mind if you skip it. Honestly.

I just feel I should update b/c it's been a while. I wish I had more exciting stuff to post about but to be honest I just don't. I'm a homebody and the most I do is go out to movies with Sasha, Brian et al or to Michael's or Darren's. btw...Brian was NOT lying about Michael's Star Wars collection. It's crazzzzzzy huge. I didn't think anyone could top Brian's but Brian's pales into insignificance next to Michael's. The next time I'm there I'm getting photos. I am not lying when I say that every single room is a SW display. When you first enter his place you see SW posters lining the hall walls. To the right is his lounge (family room) where he has that old Tie Fighter arcade game, 4 srs bsns light sabers (Luke's, Anakin's, Yoda's and Vader's). He also has Stormtrooper and Vader costumes on life sized mannequins - which don't spook you btw b/c, well, they're in costume lol. He has framed autographed pictures covering the walls too. Like, say, he goes to a convention and meets Mark Hamill - he'll get him to autograph a pic and gets his photo taken with him, so in the frame he has a signed pic, a signed (mint) figure and the pic of him with the star. He has this for practically the whole cast, including extras. He prob. just doesn't have Harrison Ford b/c, well, Harrison is too good for cons, right? ;p I'm sure I'm missing something else in his lounge but really, it was overwhelming. And I'm not even done yet. As you go upstairs he has mint figures lining the walls; he also has display stands and spindles that holds tonnes and tonnes of merchandise. His spare bedrooms are covered in merchandise from the 70's to today. He has stuff I'd forgotten existed, like pencil sets, rubbers (erasers) rulers, paper sets, shampoo, pez...just name a bit of merchandise and he HAS IT. He has posters galore; ships/vehicles galore; figures galore - every.single.room. is stuffed filled with SW stuff. It's gobsmacking. I was :O :O :O :O :O as I toured the house. Even his bedroom is packed full with SW stuff. I really can't wait to take photos so you guys can see. :S

More update hereCollapse )
15th-Jul-2009 01:40 am - Michael
I don't think anyone truly realizes how much Michael's death has affected me. I adored that man. I had no reason really to publicly state this as he hadn't done much prior to the O2 announcement of his final concerts but - I adored him. Brian swung by tonight and we talked Michael and how absolutely amazing he was and how his was easily the best concerts we'd ever been to and had the privilege of attending and I say that not in retrospect or hyperbole - his concerts (we'd been to two - Bad and HIStory) were without a doubt the most entertaining and magnificent shows we'd been to ever, and trust me, we'd seen many a fantastic performer, from KISS, to Cher to Def Leppard, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and anyone else you can think of, Michael's concerts were the shit. In 20, almost 30 years if you include Abba's '77 concert, we'd been to, no one topped Michael. Ever. I miss him greatly and am deeply saddened we'll never see him live again. We have interviews and Brian and I both have his autobiography and tour programmes as well as t-shirts and, we feel oddly moved and grateful that we have that, especially with all the new found fans who lament never having a chance to understand and appreciate him as Brian and I had. [Fwiw, if you're a new fan who was previously a hater and someone who believed the worst and yet have taken the time to find the truth about him since his death and stated your mis-beliefs and hate since then - I truly appreciate you and your honesty. That takes so much guts to do and is so humbling you can't help but admire it. Love to you all <3]

Michael was an exceptional human being who truly tried to live Jesus' word. He was 100% pure and loved kids exactly the way my brother and I (a teacher) do. Their innocence and trust is unparalleled. Children will tell you the truth no matter what, even if it's embarrassing. They are not cynical or jaded but pure and painfully honest. If you are lucky enough to befriend a child then you have something truly special and Michael knew that. As I love many a kid I have encountered and taught - it is innocent and special. I do actually claim to know how Michael felt; to have that non judgmental and pure friendship - the innocence of a child; it is special. It is akin to the love you have with your own children or pets. As I loved kids I taught, I love S's kittens; Peaches, Misty and Coco. It is pure. They love you no matter how jaded and cynical you are or how truly ugly you feel. No matter how much faith you've lost in the world (trust me, a truck load on my behalf) - kids will love you no matter what and Michael knew this and treasured it in it's purest form. As he saw it, he was robbed of his childhood and eternally fought to get it back. If he was guilty of anything, it was of being 10 years old, eternally.

If you do not like Michael, or appreciate all he his has done; the fact he is in the Guinness book of world Records for donating to the most charities; to the most records sold - honestly, I don't give a fuck. Fuck you for being ignorant and for being too Goddamn lazy to look up facts on this gentle soul. Michael was a genius and he was the most loving and giving of people ever. He was intelligent enough to appreciate the Golden age of cinema; the silver screen and all her stars. He helped the downtrodden amongst us; the sick and dying; the street kids that I so love and admire - he knew the magic of humanity. He was green before it was hip to be so. He gave squillions to the starved in Africa and, with bff Elizabeth Taylor (as well as Princess Diana), did his best to conquer the scary myth of AIDS and the like. He was a genius and the purest of the pure and the most generous of souls and if you truly can't see that - then you are blind. I love Michael and I truly ache over his loss.

I will always miss him and am truly sorry it took his death for me to say any of this.

(disclaimer- I am slightly tipsy. So what). Eh. I feel it's time to speak up anyway despite how sober I am or am not. I merely mention my state for any mis-spelling or grammatical errors :S /insecure

This is how my generation perceived Michael. Check the main kid's face. It's trufax.

That said - I was always a Coca Cola girl (shhhh!) ;p

26th-Jun-2009 01:05 am - RIP Michael

I just can't believe he's dead. This is so surreal.

I loved him dearly for many, many years and saw him in concert twice, both were absolutely amazing; the music and show were gobsmackingly perfect and I can't even describe the fantastic feeling that was present during them. Brian and I both could only describe his concert as what it may be like during the second coming or something. The goodwill and euphoria were all but unreal. While my love never died, it did diminish a little merely due to time and his later music being a touch insipid (for me). I never ever believed the BS that surrounded him because after I first saw him in concert I researched him in depth due to fangirling. I read and watched everything there was about him. He adored kids and would never hurt them and that was abundantly clear to me. He was a musical genius and the sweetest guy ever. Again - I just can't believe he's gone. :*(

I am beyond shocked and upset.

RIP Michael <3
Les Miserables - unknown
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